WildFrost Review

This is truly a game that is both charismatic and immersive.

Introduction to Wildfrost: A Tactical Roguelike Deck-Builder

I am absolutely thrilled to introduce you to Wildfrost, a tactical roguelike deckbuilder on the Nintendo Switch and PC that has got me hooked! From the challenging gameplay to the stunning art and visuals, Wildfrost is truly a gem among card games with deckbuilding.

And let me tell you, this game is not for the faint of heart – it is tough and unforgiving. But the satisfaction of strategizing and winning battles makes it all worth it. In Wildfrost, you journey across a frozen tundra, collecting cards strong enough to banish the impending Wildfrost.

With unique cards and special abilities, mixed with turn handling and positioning, battles in Wildfrost are truly exciting. And on top of all that, the game also has a unique city-building twist. Overall, I am loving every minute of playing Wildfrost, and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

Challenges and Difficulty: A Cruel and Tough Card Game

As I ventured further into Wildfrost, I swiftly realized that this game was not meant for the faint-hearted. The obstacles and level of difficulty in this game are unprecedented, making it a merciless and arduous card game that challenges your intelligence and tactics at every twist and turn.

However, let me assure you, despite the occasional exasperation, it is an enjoyable pastime. The competition is always intense, and the stakes are high, rendering every choice you make all the more essential.

Though the animated visuals and charming creatures may imply it is an effortless game, do not be deceived. You need to be at the top of your game to have any chance of competing against the unforgiving elements of the icy tundra.

Art and Visuals: A Gorgeous and Inviting Design

Wildfrost is a game with a unique design that features adorable and charming characters. The opening animations are captivating and draw players into the frozen world.

However, the game’s mechanics and gameplay are equally enticing, with a thrilling experience created through the mixing of cards, turn handling, and positioning during battles.

Players are captivated by the game’s inviting style and gameplay twists, as well as its level of polish.

Mechanics and Gameplay: Unique Cards and Special Abilities

The incredible cards and abilities found in Wildfrost have left me astounded! This tactical deck-building game is one-of-a-kind, offering gameplay that is both enticing and challenging.

Although Wildfrost battles may seem straightforward at first, they become increasingly complex as you progress through the game. Crafting your own deck of cards, collecting elemental items and charms, and battling your opponents are all highly rewarding experiences.

The game’s mechanics provide an excellent challenge for even the most experienced players, but with diligence and effort, you will feel empowered by each card’s unique abilities and strategies. For any turn-based card game enthusiasts, Wildfrost is a must-play title that will surely make a lasting impression!

Building Your Team: Snowing Your Enemies and Protecting Your Own

One of the most thrilling elements of Wildfrost is the capability to construct and customize your squad of heroes.

I adore the game’s ability to allow me to meticulously select each member of my team, providing them with distinct weaponry and exceptional capabilities, while also devising tactics to deploy them most effectively in combat.

With a vast variety of cards obtainable for collection and usage, it’s simple to become fully engaged in equipping my heroes with top-of-the-line equipment and abilities. It’s also crucial to remain vigilant in providing cover for my squad and outmaneuvering my adversaries.

This entails rapid adaptation, skillful card handling, and a thorough comprehension of the game’s mechanics.

Exciting Battles: Mixing Cards, Turn Handling, and Positioning

In Wildfrost, the most exciting moments occur during battles, as players must use a combination of card mixing, turn management, and strategic positioning to gain the upper hand.

The game features a diverse range of opponents with distinct abilities, from yetis to chili pepper monsters. Players will be constantly challenged, but rewarded with satisfying feelings of accomplishment for planning ahead and outwitting their opponents.

The stunning graphics add to the immersive experience and make each battle feel like an epic clash of elemental forces.

Comparing Wildfrost to Similar Games: A Fan Favorite Amongst Players

As an avid follower of tactical card games for many years, I can confidently assert that Wildfrost is a top choice among players.

What sets it apart from similar games is its exceptional approach to deck construction, coupled with stunning visuals and an engaging gameplay that’s unmatched in this genre.

Compared to other games in the tactical roguelike deck-builder category, Wildfrost incorporates unique gameplay mechanics and special abilities that bring an exciting twist to the experience. Crafting the perfect team is a crucial element of the game, and players must strategize accordingly, taking into account the snowing mechanic to gain an edge in combat.

With a blend of card mixing, handling turns, and strategic positioning, exciting battles await in Wildfrost that’ll keep you on edge.

Wildfrost on PC: A Clever Battle Game with City-Building Elements

Wildfrost offers a unique and captivating gaming experience with its combination of tactical card battles, challenging levels, and intricate city-building mechanics.

As a fervent enthusiast of strategy games and deck-building escapades, I was particularly drawn to this innovative aspect of the game. Amidst epic battles against creatures like yetis and chilli pepper monsters in Wildfrost’s frozen tundra, I had to carefully manage resources within my city to guarantee adequate protection for my team.

Moreover, playing Wildfrost on PC only enhances one’s overall enjoyment of the game.

Standout Qualities: Inviting Style, Gameplay Twists, and Layer of Polish

I’m thoroughly impressed by Wildfrost’s outstanding features. Its inviting style immediately captivates you, and its unique gameplay twists keep you engaged.

However, what really stands out is the level of refinement that Deadpan Games has put into this tactical roguelike deck-builder. The game has been meticulously designed, from its stunning and immersive visuals to its thrilling battles that combine card-playing with strategic turns and positioning.

To add to the excitement, Wildfrost even includes city-building elements to make things more interesting. In comparison to similar games, Wildfrost is truly exceptional with its level of detail and complexity. I confidently assert that Wildfrost is not simply another card game, but a charming and immersive deck-building adventure that every fan of the genre should experience.

Final Verdict: A Charismatic and Immersive Deck-Building Adventure.

Overall, my experience with Wildfrost was incredibly positive as a deck-building game. The engaging art style and intricate mechanics were captivating from the moment I started playing.

Despite the game’s challenging level of difficulty, I never became impatient or uninterested. Special abilities and unique cards kept me on my toes as I constructed the most dominant team possible to take on any obstacle.

The battles themselves were especially enjoyable, combining strategic card manipulation with tactical positioning and turn execution. I am now an instant admirer of Deadpan Games’ and Gaziter’s abilities after playing Wildfrost, which is genuinely an appealing and immersive game that I would highly suggest to anyone interested in the deck-building genre.



Absolutely incredible deck-building game. Difficult but enjoyable but once you find the META things slide into place.

  • Uniqe Style

  • Rougulike Deck Builder

  • Chalanging