Returnal Review

Returnal will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

Welcome to our Returnal review! If you are a fan of adrenaline-pumping action games with a gripping story, then this could be the game for you. Returnal is a third-person shooter game developed by Housemarque and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

It is set in a sci-fi world where you play as Selene, an astronaut who crash-lands on an alien planet and finds herself trapped in an endless cycle of death and rebirth. From its stunning visuals to its challenging gameplay, there is no doubt that Returnal will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. So, let’s dive into our review and explore everything that this game has to offer!

Introduction: Overview of Returnal

Returnal is a game that really knows how to make an entrance – it’s got heart-pounding bullet-hell gameplay that will make your palms sweat, stunning visuals that will take your breath away, and a storyline that will make you care about your character Selene Vassos more than your own family. This game is a technical marvel, packed with six distinct biomes that are each a treat to explore.

But let’s not forget the gameplay, which is frenzied and arcade-y in the best possible way. Sure, it’s unforgiving, but that’s part of what makes it so darn satisfying. And if you’re playing on a compatible PC, you’re in for a real treat – the conversion is top-notch. Of course, there are some downsides – the game can feel a bit limited in scope at times, and to truly get the most out of the gameplay, you’ll need high frame rates.

Storyline: The journey of Selene Vassos

As the main protagonist of Returnal, Selene Vassos’ journey is nothing short of epic. The space-faring scout is sent out from Astra to explore an alien planet called Atropos, but her journey takes a dangerous turn when she is shot down just before landing.

Stranded and alone on the mysterious planet, Selene must navigate a hostile environment and battle nightmarish creatures that seek to end her life. The storyline is engaging and immersive, with a strong emphasis on Selene’s personal growth and struggle to survive.

It’s a thrilling sci-fi adventure that keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

Graphics: Stunning visual design and environmental detail

Returnal’s graphical prowess is not to be understated. From the moment Selene crash lands on Atropos, players are treated to a breathtakingly beautiful landscape. The attention to detail in the environmental design is unmatched, making for an immersive and engaging gaming experience.

The fluorescent plant life and fauna swaying in the breeze are just a few examples of the fine details that bring this alien planet to life. The enemy models are equally impressive, with eerie and hauntingly rendered designs that will leave players in awe.

It’s no wonder that the graphics menu is unparalleled in PC gaming – it’s simply that good. The visuals are only accentuated by the impressive audio design, making every ship crash and enemy encounter a thrilling experience. Overall, Returnal’s stunning visuals and environmental detail elevate the game to an entirely new level of immersive gameplay.

Gameplay: Frenzied sci-fi action with arcade experience

As the blogger continues their review of Returnal, they can’t help but gush about the game’s frenzied sci-fi action with arcade experience. The gameplay is fast-paced and immersive, pulling the player deep into the heart of Selene Vassos’ journey.

With stunning graphics and unforgiving difficulty, this arcade-style game is not for the faint of heart. But for those who enjoy a challenge, Returnal delivers in spades. The blogger notes the game’s top-notch performance on compatible devices, allowing players to fully experience the game’s responsiveness and high frame rates.

Despite the lack of scope in certain areas of the game, the overall assessment is that Returnal is a must-play for fans of the genre. In fact, the blogger can’t help but compare it to games like Dark Souls – a bold statement, indeed.

Difficulty: Unforgiving but satisfying gameplay

Oh, the agony of defeat. But also the triumphant feeling of victory. That’s what makes the difficulty of Returnal all the more satisfying.

The arcade-style gameplay mixed with the challenging bosses make for a perfect blend of chaos and adrenaline. While it may be unforgiving at times, the sense of accomplishment in each level boss defeated is unbeatable.

And don’t forget the high frame rates required for the gameplay to run smoothly – it’s just like Selene Vassos jumping across dimensions at lightning speeds.

PC Conversion: Top-notch performance on compatible devices

Returnal runs like a dream on compatible PC devices, and it’s not just because of Selene’s trippy dreamscape.

The PlayStation 5 hardware is utilized to its fullest potential in this game. The graphics are stunning, the gameplay is lightning-fast, and the whole experience feels like a frenzied arcade game. Just be prepared for some difficulty! And if you’re hoping to use your gaming laptop to edit video as well, this isn’t the game for you.

But hey, if you’re someone who loves to break the cycle and take on roguelike challenges, Returnal is the game for you. With its top-notch performance on compatible devices, it’s hard not to have a blast playing Returnal.

Scale: Lack of scope in certain areas of the game

Looking at the grand scale of Returnal, it’s hard not to be impressed. From the stunning graphics to the frenzied sci-fi action, this game really delivers.

However, there are certain areas where it falls short. In terms of scale, some parts of the game feel a bit lacking. While the journey of Selene Vassos is certainly compelling, the world around her can sometimes feel a bit small.

That being said, this is hardly a deal-breaker. Returnal may not be the biggest game out there, but what it lacks in scope, it more than makes up for in sheer intensity. Plus, who needs a sprawling open world when you can explore the eerie interior of a small country house?

Responsiveness: Gameplay depends on high frame rates

When it comes to playing Returnal, every frame counts. The gameplay is undoubtedly reliant on high frame rates, which can mean the difference between life and death for Selene Vassos.

The frenzied sci-fi action needs to be fast-paced and fluid, which is where the high frame rates come in handy. However, this also means that you better make sure your hardware is up to the task. There’s no room for lag or stuttering, or Selene will be taking an unwanted trip back to the start.

But hey, at least you’ll get to experience the stunning visual design and environmental detail all over again! All joking aside, if you’re looking for an arcade-style experience that demands your utmost attention and focus, Returnal’s responsiveness to high frame rates is the way to go.

Final Verdict: Overall assessment of Returnal

After spending countless hours exploring the dark and dangerous corners of Atropos, the verdict is in for Returnal. This third-person shooter definitely packs a punch with its stunning graphics and fast-paced gameplay that feels like an arcade experience.

The unforgiving difficulty will leave you tearing your hair out at times, but the satisfaction of overcoming a tough challenge is worth it. However, the lack of scope in certain areas of the game might leave some players feeling underwhelmed.

To truly experience the magic of Returnal, a high frame rate is crucial to ensure maximum responsiveness. In conclusion, while not perfect, Returnal is a worthy addition to any gamer’s collection and deserves a spot among other challenging titles like Dark Souls.

Comparison: Similarities with other games such as Dark Souls

The comparison between Returnal and Dark Souls is inevitable, but let’s be real, they’re two different genres with vastly different depths.

Sure, they both have an unforgiving difficulty, but that’s where the similarities end. Returnal has a frenzied sci-fi action that feels more like an arcade experience rather than a slow-paced, tactical approach that we see in Dark Souls.

Plus, Returnal has stunning visual designs and environmental detail that Dark Souls could only dream of. It’s like comparing a Lamborghini to a medieval wagon. Sure, they’re both modes of transportation, but one is clearly superior in terms of performance and style.

So, while Returnal may not be for everybody, it’s definitely a unique game worth checking out.



From its stunning visuals to its challenging gameplay, there is no doubt that Returnal will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

  • Stunning Graphics

  • Good Performance

  • Interesting Story