Mint Mace

Mint Mace

Giant hammer crafted from a chunk of ice caps breath mints. Deals Patented Mouthtown fresh damage on hit.

Tool Stats

  • Damage - 70
  • 70
  • Stun - 80
  • 80
  • Speed - 30
  • 30

Crafting Recipe

The following resources are required to craft the Mint Mace:

Console Command

Get this tool with the summon commands:

summon BP_World_MintMallet_C

The Mint Mace, previously called Mint Mallet, is both strong and refreshing. It would be best if you didn't eat as many mints as I did. Instead, invest in some to create the most powerful melee weapon of Grounded. As it takes out those pesky insects we used to hate, everyone will hear each swing all across the backyard. Anyone who challenges this teen will be dealt "mouth town" new damage.

The mint hammer can replace many other weapons, despite all the jokes. It is very effective in combat and can be used to clear out your inventory. We don't have to use low-grade hammers or spears anymore. Did I mention that you can also eat the mints?

Mint Chunk

The Mint Chunks are located northeast of Mysterious Machine. It is kept in an IceCaps container. It isn't yet open. It would be a mistake to believe that you could open this door.

We are now smaller than we were. You can rely on your tools to complete the task. You can use your fists or a hammer to open the door.

These are the steps I have just mentioned. Once we have the inside, we can start to make some mint chunks. Unfortunately, Tier 1 tools don't suffice. It is possible to make the Pebblet Hammer very early in the game. However, this will not work.

The Insect Hammer is required for this task. Allowing us to farm better resources with this Tier 2 Tool.

How to make a mint Mace

The Mint Mace crafting process is much easier than the Insect version. It involves finding and defeating bugs. To break mints, the Insect Hammer is necessary. It is all part and parcel of the same process, I suppose.

Step 1: Make the Insect Hammer (Tier 2).

To break down the mints into pieces, you will need an insect hammer. You will need the following resources to make the Insect Hammer.

You can find berries far north-west of the edge. It will have a huge wall that is covered with vines. If you have not yet made the bow, there are Berries available.

We can obtain stink Bug parts by killing Stink Bugs. It's not too bad. These sour creatures spawn in northeastern Ohio, where there are all the spiders.

After a successful kill, Bombardier Beetles produce Boiling Glands. You might need to try again if they don't drop one.

Step 2: Gather 5 Mint Chunks

Mint Chunks are only available in the mint container. Once you have crafted your Tier 2 hammer, head over to the mint container and get whacking. Make sure to hit the mints. It took me 10 minutes to realize that I had been smacking the mints for a while.

Step 3: Collect 9 Spider Silk

Spider Silk can be made by punching webs or by killing small spiders. These are the baby spiders. Webs can be found everywhere and are easy to spot.

Step 4: Buy 8 Flower Petals

In certain places, flower petals fall from the top. Although rare, we can easily find flowers. Pay attention to brightly colored peddles and lookup. We can find some flowers northwest of the large wooden stumps that spiders surround.

Step 5: Use your Crafting Bench

That's all! All the materials you need to build a Crafting Bench are now available. Did you build it? Congratulations! You just got the best weapon in Grounded.

Show the world how fresh breath smells. I drank too much water from the dirty mud pools. That's something mints won't fix! It's so gross!

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