Acorn Shovel

Acorn Shovel

This spade is used for digging up grubs. You can also use it as a weapon but there are better options.

Tool Stats

  • Damage - 20
  • 20
  • Stun - 80
  • 80
  • Speed - 20
  • 20

Crafting Recipe

The following resources are required to craft the Acorn Shovel:

Console Command

Get this tool with the summon commands:

summon BP_World_Shovel_C

Grounded tools such as an Acorn Shovel are used to find grubs and clay underground. Analyze the resources needed to create the shovel and unlock the crafting recipe. This tool is simple to create for new players.

Depending on your goal, you will use this tool either sparingly or for long periods of time. This tool is the only one that can collect clay. We can use clay for many purposes, including Base Building. It is time-consuming, even for veterans players.

The Acorn Shell is used to make the tip for this shovel. At the same time, the base is the stem of a Sprig plant. They are then tied together using Crude Rope. These people deserve it. It's amazing to craft in this game.

You can pull up the grubs you see under the dirt. After a while, they will lay there until you attack them.

This tool can also collect any Clay that you find. It only takes five swipes to break down the clay into smaller pieces. These pieces can be taken and stored in your inventory.

How to unlock the Acorn Shovel

Analyze some Woven Fiber or Acorn Shells at a Field Station to unlock the Shovel. The small computer is used to create a blueprint for a shovel.

Gather the remaining resources necessary to create it. The blueprint is found in the crafting menu under the tools section.

How to craft the Acorn Shovel

Below are the materials that you will need.

  • Sprig plants are found all over the yard. Most likely, you already have several.
  • Acorn Shells are located north of the Oak Tree. Look up and head towards the large red tree.
  • Crude Rope, A material made with three plant fibers. Plant fiber is a small, green plant that has three leaves.

Once you have gathered the materials, go to the crafting menu.

Acorn Shovel + Upgrade

The AcornShovel + Upgrade is unlocked after acquiring the Stained BURG.L Chip. The chip is located in the Dry Grasslands near the Can Of Paint. Purchasing the upgrade is now available after handing the chip in and trading 2500 Raw Science. Your spade will be Upgraded to the Plus version allowing us to dig much faster.

How to Use Acorn Shovel

After crafting the tool you can equip it in your inventory. Aim at the floor and the attack button will dig in the ground. If an enemy is close by you might accidentally hit them instead. Just make sure you have some space. We don't want to swipe at our ladybug friends now do we?

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