Acorn Shovel

Used to dig up grubs. Can also be used as a weapon but there are better weapons to choose from.

Tool Stats

  • Damage - 20
  • 20
  • Stun - 80
  • 80
  • Speed - 20
  • 20

Crafting Recipe

The following resources are required to craft the Acorn Shovel:

Console Command

Get this tool with the summon commands:

The Acorn Shovel is a Grounded tool used to dig up grubs that travel underground and gather clay. The crafting recipe for the shovel is unlocked by analyzing the resource that is needed to make it. This tool is easy to make for new players.

You will either be using this tool sparingly or for hours, depending on what your objective is. This is the only tool that can gather clay. Clay is used for many things like Base Building. Veteran players know how time-consuming that is.

The tip of this shovel is made from an Acorn Shell. At the same time, the base is the stem of a Sprig plant. Then they are both tied together with Crude Rope. I've got to give it to these people. Crafting in this game is amazing.

The grubs that you see swimming under the dirt can be pulled up. Then they lay there for a bit, so you can attack them and gather their resources.

This tool can also gather any Clay you find. It takes about 5 swipes, and it breaks into smaller chunks. These chunks can then be gathered and stored in your inventory.

How to unlock Acorn Shovel

To unlock the Shovel, analyze some Acorn Shells or Woven Fiber at a Field Station. Use the small computer there, and it will give us the blueprint for creating a shovel.

Now gather the rest of the resources actually to craft it. The blueprint can be found in your crafting menu in the tools section.

How to craft Acorn Shovel in Grounded

Listed below are the materials you need:

  • Sprig plant is found everywhere. You probably have a bunch by now.
  • Acorn Shells are mainly found north by the Oak Tree. Look up, and go towards the big red tree.
  • Crude Rope is a material you craft with 3 plant fibers. Plant fiber is those small green plants with three leaves.

After gathering the needed materials, head into the crafting menu and

Acorn Shovel + Upgrade


How to use Acorn Shovel


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