Days Gone Wiki

Days Gone is a Survial game about Deacon who struggles with saving the world and building new relation ships with fellow survivors while trying to find what happened to his wife.

This is a hub page for Days Gone. Where we gather all the avalible category and post for the convenience of the user.

Craftable Items

These items can be crafted or found fully built in the wild.

Crafting Materials

These Materials are use in the Crafting process to build Items.

Nero Checkpoints

Nero Checkpoint are major Points Of Interest that need to be reopened to fast travel to.

Nest Locations

Burnable Nest Locations that need to be exterminated to open up the world map.


Large Regions of the map that contain smaller location within them.


Various Motorcycles available in Days Gone that are either seen or ride-able by Deacon the main character.


All available weapons that Deacon can equip to use against the zombies.